Season VI - 2018/2019 The experience


Opening weekend 

We shall open the season with a party across both locations starting on Saturday at Tarkwa bay with a house warming session. We have built something quite special and look forward to you experiencing it,Tarkwa is quite a different kettle of fish compared to Ilashe the PoP Art inspired by the NewYork of the late 80's surf culture and graffiti at Tarkwa with its proximity to the city we have created a bolt hole to escape to read a book to make a plan to take surfing lessons or get one on one boxing coaching or a personal trainer. It's a great place to embark on a walk to Ilashe the 3hr hike is one of the great experiences and a real head clearer Friday will be waiting for you at PoP with a tasty meal and our resident masseuse Baba ready to soothe away your aches and pains. Members are encouraged to feel at home send for some fruits from the market and make yourself a great smoothie try the white bait or smoked mackerel we look forward to welcoming members here.

On Saturday the 10th of November we will have a lituation with life music the Electric PoP Dj's and entertainment from PoP culture be prepared to be delighted .

On Sunday the 11th of November we shall host Lunch at Pop our first of many this season the vibe as always will be laid-back with great music and carnival girls its a party come prepared .



 Electric PoP 10th of November  Tarkwa and every 2nd Saturday of the month 

Lunch at PoP 11th of November  Ilashe and every 2nd Sunday of the month 

The experience Hike from Tarkwa to Ilashe Nov 24th 

PopRX  ( Wellness Weekend ) Nov 25th and every last Sunday of the month