Queen Idia Series

Queen Idia series of 10"x12" hand finished screen prints can be seen in our rooms. On sale to the general public for the first time, they are part of the works of our founder, the complete works can be viewed HERE First exhibited in 2009 Lagos art expo National Museum tribute show for renowned print maker Bruce Onobrakpeya. The Queen Idia series would be completed in 2014 and make part of the solo show Layercake shown at DIDI Museum in Lagos. It consisted of 322 artist proofs signed numbered and documented. most of which are in the hands of collectors. this are the few remaining 

Queen Idia is the image of King Esigie Mother 1504- 1550 AD  He ruled at the height of the Benin empire's rise to prominence. She was the first queen for which the Title King Mother was created a title that would play an important role in the formation of the Kingdom of Lagos 1600 AD 

Looted by the British during the punitive expedition of 1897 it remained buried in the vaults of the V&A until Festac 77 when it was chosen as the image for the festival. It has since been the central Image in a rediscovery of black arts and culture taking a place of pride in our collective consciousness showing a mothers love is everlasting.

They tried to bury us they didn't know we were seeds. 

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