PoP beach club is a private collection of bohemian villas with access for water sports activities and socialising, with a digital platform focused on community impact

Based on networking entrepreneurship and mentoring we are in the process of building a pan african brand with locations across the west coast of Africa to facilitate networking in small intimate gatherings and encourage out door activities especially water sports. We are involved in developing solutions to address pre and primary school educational challenges in Africa and to provide advocacy and consultant services for halt plastic proliferation

Members are guaranteed a cabana at the club, members have free access to our club houses and concierge services. Members are allowed 4 guests and direct family members. They are entitled to discounts on accommodation they receive a news letter, and are part of a whatsapp group for information and much more 

At present we have special offers for Under 35 year olds, professionals in Nigeria, aid workers, Journalists, expats on contract stays, creatives sportsman and women

To become a member, we require an invitation from two existing members or an application approved by our Membership Committee

Members are required to pay a joining fee of $1000 ($700 +$300 subs) currently subscriptions are $300/annum 

To apply please send an email to