About us


PoPbeachclub was formed in 2014 by its founder - Akintunde Disu.  It’s first home was Ilashe beach, perhaps the most famous private beach in Lagos. As a private beach with no street names no numbers, it has always been the tradition to give inspirational names to houses to aid description. PoP is no exception. It is named after the colorful murals created by Akintunde. Although it has been said the initials stand for “Pissed on Pimms“, no proof has been found to suggest this is the case. 

PoPbeachclub is a residence only club that comprises of two beach houses: PoPilashe and PoPtarkwa. Our membership is by referral or invitation. We are not available to the general public for day visits. This is reserved for members who can visit the club houses any time they wish. We are open 24/7.




Our décor is minimal with splashes of African prints, one of the most visible symbols of Africa, locally called Ankara. We use them extensively in our furnishing from throw pillows to napkins and as it is most loved by guests, we create gift packages that make it easy for you to take a bit of PoP home.

While PoPbeach club prides itself on being an exclusive club, it also believes in community and a shared experience of culture, much like the notions of pop art. 


Popbeahclcub is the perfect antidote to the bustling city and clubs. We host a series of members’ events to encourage this and food is central to our events. 

We have our own fusion styled menu, created on the premise of Eat your medicine! It includes Catch of the day, prime cuts for the grill that come with local fruits and vegetables.  Our menu features accents from India, South America, the Mediterranean and of course local recipes. Over the years we have played host to a series of cooks and Djs, supporting the local creative economy.
You can find out more and stay in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletters, which are themed around happenings on the beach that involve the work we love: creativity and the environment. 

for membership enquiries send an email to hello@popbeachclub.com