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Our plastic fantastic collection was famously crowd funded on indiegogo. It was born out of the idea of a circular economy where we recovered the amount of plastic it would require to make the shorts from the ocean, making them plastic neutral - a simple but powerful message. We initially released three models of the shorts and have worn and tested them extensively over the past five years. Plastic lives on for thousands of years. We believe our clothes should be designed to do the same. Our bikinis and swimsuits are designed by notable female designers including Kamokini and Dabo.

  • Model 1
  • Model 2
  • Model 3
  • Model 4

Model 4 is inspired by a pair of swimming trunks owned by our founder Akintunde, which were previously owned by his grandfather, who gifted it to him during a fishing trip in the seventies. Akinunde’s mum had refused to pack a swimming trunk for him on this particular trip because she didn’t want him swimming in the sea but his grandfather thought otherwise. The trunks have been a favored possession since then and have stood the test of time. Our Model 4 is created to last many life times.

T-Shirt Collection

Our t-shirts, which are made with members in mind, are created to suit the vibe of the season e.g. to celebrate a launch, to celebrate life (our shark tees), to celebrate hope (the circle of hope hoodies supported our tailors during the lockdown)or to celebrate your achievement (the Point of No Return tops available to people who have taken part in the hike) etc. Check out the range below.