Riteonthebeach initiative which involves women and children empowermenr through the recycling of plastics cleared from the beach RiteOnTheBeach seeks out market-led solutions for curbing ocean plastic and designs solutions to support primary school education in the communities we engage in. We do this through our plastic neutral certificates, which provide a way for the public to be part of the solution. 


The average human being uses 84kg of plastic a year. $0.5 per Kg is the internationally accepted price for ocean plastic recovered from the ocean and socialized through community action. We retrieve  84 kg of plastic per certificate and socialize it  by delivering scholarships for the children in the local communities where our beach houses are located. When you buy our Plastic Neutral Certificates you remove 84kg of plastic from the ocean and help strengthen the communities that are affected by our prolific use of plastic and this in turn empowers them to protect the ecosystem we depend on. 


Riteonthebeach organizes an annual festival that takes place in early November. We invite students, scientists and concerned members of the public to join us for a week at our Ilashe beach club. Guests experience nature while conducting a series of challenges and experiments to provide baseline data for climate change and its effects. Discussions on possible solutions take place empowering participants and spreading awareness. Members of the public are encouraged to support our initiative by buying plastic neutral certificates, participating in beach clean ups and hikes from Tarkwa bay to Ilashe. We also provide educational certified seminars to help ‘up school’ youths introducing them to the opportunities available for growth in a circular economy. 


Riteonthebeach is involved in providing training in environmental services, green jobs and ecotourism through partnership with GIZ Nigerian German Center for Jobs Migration and Reintergration. 


We have developed a series of nature walks to encourage ecotourism along our strip of beach including the Point Of No Return hike. A 6 day trek of cultural and historical significance and a physical challenge the 74km trail hugs the coastline at low tide starting from our base at Tarkwa bay and staying in villas and camping on the beach front as guests of host communities we invite you to step back in history with us while enjoying breath taking scenery it culminates in the former slave port of Badagry and we return by boat along the majestic Owo river basin watershed to CMS jetty on the Marina which was once a slave port as well.


Our ecotours provide a safe camping experience for private groups schools and institutions they can be tailored to specific demands and provide a breath of experiences. Explore the mangrove forests by Kayak of the coast of Agaja. Surf with dolphins in Ikaare , go bird watching in a local dugout on the shallow bay of Ilado in season enjoy a dinner of blue mussels and sweet oyster in traditional palm kernel soup or visit the fish smoking and boat making industries in Ibeshe and get to see our work with the community first hand you can download our poptours app here. We help schools with curriculum based educational tours and preparation and training for Duke of Edinburgh scheme.


You can join in regular shorter hikes organized through our various whatsapp groups pop wellness group and point of no return group. 


Riteonthebeach is our community arm focused on doing the right thing on the beach. 

For us this means

1, Protecting the natural environment we live in

2, Cleaning up and working to conserve the natural habitat and restore it to its pristine state

3, Supporting the community that live on the Tarkwabay Ilashe  Agaja axis 

4, Community development and advocacy to create the conditions required to support the development of an ecologically focused tourism corridor along this axis with the emphasis on the natural beauty and its protection.